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Captain Velasaria Azumé

Name Velasaria Azumé

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 44
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.70 m
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Velasaria's most obvious physical feature is her green skin, marking her as distinctly Orion. With her dark curly hair, piercing dark brown eyes, shes used to turning a head or two in a room. That though is more due to standing out as an Orion in Starfleet. While she might be a scientist Vel keeps herself in shape. She may have forsaken her birthright as an Orion Prime but the skills and certain level of a discipline will never leave her.

V wishes she could blend into a crowd but she's too obviously different in it out of uniform. So her fashion is eclectic, it speaks to her moods at the time and the memories associated with her various looks. Some days she's feeling more moody and can be seen sporting a leather jacket and jeans. Other she's in bright almost contrasting colors and tank tops. The constant is the presence of some.amount of jewelry. She might not be a Pirate Queen like her grandmother but she still appreciates some of the finer things.


Father D'rk Azumé
Mother Verali Azumé
Sister(s) Serane Azumé
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vel is a true believer in Starfleet. She has seen and experienced the good it can go first hand. To that end she is very proud of her duty of being a part of the adventure and is excited by their mission. Genuinely someone who wants to visit all the Undiscovered Countries just beyond the horizon. She is also someone who believes in family and those companions one makes along the way. Very protective of her fellow officers and crew, Vel tends to be a bit aggressive when they're threatened.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions Velasaria wants to prove herself as more than just the token Orion. She has worked her whole career to dispel the stereotype of the Orion Pirate, or the Orion Slave. Vel belives in the Federation and she wants to make her mark so other Orions don't have to go on with the stigma she's faced.
Hobbies & Interests Vel is a social person, she enjoys watching sports and having fun with people. She is someone who needs a recharge, she needs time to herself. In these times she likes to work with her hands, go to the arboretum, work with Plants or study some weird astronomical data. Vel is also a snacker, sometimes she'll steal away to the galley and make some very basic food for herself in the early ams.

Personal History Born in the house of the Autumn Winds, a prominent house native to the Kyuko Coast on Orion. Velasaria is the Prime daughter of her family, or at least she was. As Orion society underwent a cultural revolution of sorts in the mind-to-late 2250s her family was stuck right in the middle. This revolution was no more contentious for society as it was in her family. As a girl her parents were allot on her upbringing her mother of course wanted her to be a proper prime, her father to embrace new ideas, scientific pursuits and invasive Federation values. It took some arguing and often times fighting but for a time at least the family allowed both ideas. Vel actually took to the newer ideals, she had no interest in being a Pirate. She didn't like to fight with a sword or learn how to deceive and steal. Vel’s interests were in the Stars just not how she was supposed to be. As time went on and it seemed there was no sign of her family’s ideals changing their reputation and status bece.all.the more tenuous.

It wasn't long before the hardline elements of society decided they needed to take action. During a family trip their ship was attached and supposed to be sabotaged. The other families intended to kill off her parents and the other members of house leadership. They'd then take the children and raise them under a new family to cement the old ways. It was only through the intervention of Astria Tendi, Mistress of the Winter Constellation. The woman was sympathetic to their plight even if she couldn't give her outward support. Using her influence she was able to assign loyalists to the crew who would guide the family to safety in the Federation.

Knowing they could never return safely the family petitioned for political asylum and settled on earth. While Orions had escaped the syndicate and settled on Earth before but they were the first prominent family to settle on Earth since the two powers had encountered each other nearly a century before. Even though they cooperated with Starfleet Security and Federation anthropologists the family kept many elements of their culture to themselves. Settling in Mexico the Federation would see many of their local Orion expats and refugees moving to the area over the next several years, a small but growing community cropping up near the family estate.

Velasaria being the eldest could remember life before, remember the attack and remember what the Federation did for their family. Being a prime she felt a strong sense of duty her whole life, to her family and of course her people even if she didn't agree with them. But strangely also to the Federation those who'd given them a second chance. While her parents insisted her primary duty was to take up the mantle of the Mistress of the Autumn Winds and one day lead their house, Vel felt the best way to do so was going the organization that first saved them, Starfleet.

While she had spent the majority of her life on Earth, joining Starfleet was quite a different experience. She had still been raised an orion, prepared for the life of a prime. Shed been taught to fight, to seduce, to deceive… to pirate. That wasn't to be her way anymore. She would now learn to defend, to explore, to seek out new life not to profit but to learn. Her parents, even her progressive father, didn't exactly take to this, but they could see there wasn't any changing Vel’s mind.

The only real comfort they had was that Vel unlike her younger siblings, would always know where they came from and how to survive in the larger galaxy. More importantly that someday perhaps she could uphold the family title and tradition. All of this of course Vel kept very close to the chest while at the Academy. It was easier being the refugee than the Mistress of the Autumn Winds. Not that anyone would know what that was if she didn’t tell them… but she didn’t need another reason for her classmates to be wary of her.

Vel wasn't the first Orion in Starfleet, there had been several before her but very few and none so noteworthy as her family. All like her though had come as refugees, but even so there was a stigma attached. They weren't to be trusted, there was always suspicion that they were up to something Vel had a hard time with at first. She had to work twice as hard to prove herself, she had to be mindful of her words and her actions always, she had to deal with the prejudice of many of her fellow students and professors. Most of all she had to do it alone. Most students didn't want anything to do with her, but Vel wouldn't be dissuaded. She would work harder and longer and prove that she deserved to be in Starfleet. She joined teams, took extra classes, absorbed the culture as much as she could. By the time she was graduating with a Science Specialty she'd made the Academy Flight Team and had a tight, if small circle of good friends. It was funny to her that after making the team that those that wore their prejudice on their sleeves switched from the idea that she was a threat, then to she was the token Orion. Vel was determined that wouldn't be all she ever was.

She didn't exactly get the first assignment she wanted out of the Academy, she dreamed of traveling through space; New Worlds and New Civilizations… instead she got Starbase 47 situated in the Taurus Reach. So not new worlds but at the very least the frontier. Life on 47 was interesting to say the least, being a Junior Science Officer she wasn’t exactly privy to all that was going on, but she could tell there was more than meets the eye on the base. Not to mention the strategic placement of this base beyond Federation space, it made things exciting, dangerous but exciting. One of the major projects she was working on at the time led to the development of the first generation dermal regenerator technology in Starfleet. While the process was quite the thrill, and had a great result, Vel could tell she was being shut out of a much larger project; a sentiment shared by most of the other SB47 Research teams. During the Shedai crisis in the Reach Vel was seconded to Medical when assigned aboard the Starbase’s support ship the Endeavour. This time marked Vel’s first encounter with Admiral Nogura, who would turn into a Mentor and long time acquaintance as her career went on.

In 2268 after the destruction of Starbase 47 at the hands of the Tholians, Vel was first rescued and assigned to the USS Enterprise as an AstroSciences Officer. Her time aboard the Enterprise was finally what she’d envisioned when joining Starfleet. Vel was finally on the frontier, exploring new worlds, meeting new civilizations, boldly going to learn and not to take. So very different from her time aboard 47. The other big chance was actually getting to meet and be mentored by those on the senior staff. Mr. Spock might have been aloof but he was far from an who would hide key research details or reassign work arbitrarily. Vel could explore, she could experiment, the universe was truly her playground.

All good things, as the humans said, must come to an end. The Enterprise returned from her five year mission. She was slated for a three year refit. Top to bottom a new ship would rise from the ashes. And as luck would have it so would Vel. Initially worried she would be relegated again to a life on a Starbase shut away from the action, Vel was lucky enough to be assigned to the Fleet. First distinguishing herself aboard the Angelou and then the Bozeman, where she served as an Assistant Chief Science Officer. Exhilarated by the experience Vel couldn't go back to simply being in a lab ever again. Needing to not only explore but be at the forefront she needed to be bold.

Applying to and being accepted to the new long range explorer program she was assigned to the USS Shangri-La as Chief Science Officer. It was a steel learning curve to be sure, a senior officer and Chief of all scientific personnel aboard but Vel was more than up to the task. Brining a unique perspective to the role as a non-human Velade first contact with over a dozen species, cathelogued twenty three separate spacial anomalies and led countless away mission to truly alien worlds. She was devastated at first to find that her time aboard the Shangri-La would be ending after nearly a decade with the crew.

That was until she learned of her new assignment. Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Amaterasu, Starfleet’s next generation heavy cruiser, second of the class to be launched. Truly a new frontier to explore and Vel was going to be a part of it.
Service Record 2261-2265
Starfleet Academy

Ensign - Science Officer
Starbase 47

Ensign - Astro Sciences Officer
Starbase 47/USS Endeavour

Ensign - Astro Sciences Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant J.g. Astro Sciences Officer
USS Enterprise

Lieutenant J.g. Astro Sciences Officer
USS Angelou

USS Bozeman - Assistant Chief Science Officer

USS Shangri-La - Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander

USS Shangri-La - Chief Science Officer

Commander - Chief Science Officer & Second Officer
USS Amaterasu