The Sim

The USS Amaterasu, first of the new Excelsior class Starships to enter service is stuck right in the middle of it all. Following the disastrous Transwarp experiment Starfleet is desperately trying to justify the expense of production and the continued service of the other Excelsior class ships. Not to mention save an Admiral or two’s career. The Amaterasu was rushed into service just days after the Cetacean probe incident. The launch was supposed to be a sign of strength for the Federation and the Excelsior Class. Instead, their first mission ended in disaster. While patrolling the far reaches of Federation space near the Klingon border the ship is struck by a gravitic mine. Heavily damaged and adrift, the Captain, the Executive Officer and many others in the senior staff have been killed or seriously injured. It is up to the remaining crew to get the Amaterasu home.