Mission 1: A Million Miles Away

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Alert Condition Red, Alert Condition Red…
Main Power: Offline
Shields: Offline
Hull Breaches Deck 20 through 34. Sections 10 through 22.

This is a general distress call, USS Amaterasu has struck a gravitic mine… the Captain is dead… the crew… we require assistance…

An explosion has crippled the Amaterasu killing the Captain, injuring the first officer and wounding many on the senior staff. Venting atmosphere, power down, she is adrift near the Klingon DMZ. With little time left before they cross into disputed space or strike another mine the crew fights to regain control of what’s left of their ship.

What Is Past Is Prolouge

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A side mission in which stories of the past events that have effected the Amaterasu's crew members can be read, whether they be childhood, Academy Days, or their early service.

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