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Commander Roscoe Mayhew

Name Roscoe "Ross" Jefferson Mayhew

Position Executive Officer & Chief of Operations

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"/188cm
Weight 200lbs/90kg
Hair Color Silver/Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mayhew is a well-oiled machine whose visage carries the heavy years he has lived. Every step and movement is that of a fit and trim soldier and every glance is that of a vengeful survivor. He greets every day with a fixed square jaw and a steely stare.


Spouse Siorse Mayhew (deceased)
Children Connor Mayhew (deceased)
Sean Mayhew (deceased)
Breanna Mayhew (deceased)
Father Byron Mayhew (deceased)
Mother Amelia Mayhew née Baranek (deceased)
Brother(s) Leonard Mayhew (deceased)
Sister(s) Adrianna Mayhew (deceased)
Other Family Mayhew survives every known blood relation.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mayhew is a survivor who is too stubborn to die, even by his own hand. With nothing keeping him going except for a soldier’s discipline and force of habit, Mayhew is tough, gruff, and rough around the edges by default. As first officer, Mayhew’s crew is the closest thing he has to a family and wants to ensure they make it home.
Strengths & Weaknesses In his early and middle years at Starfleet, Mayhew was a tactical expert with a strong dedication to starship security and defense. Ground-based and spaceborne squadron tactics, close-quarter combat, and long-ranged marksmanship were all areas of personal expertise.

After returning from being a prisoner of war, Mayhew was phased back into service as a veteran tasked with leading and training the next generation of Starfleet officers.
Ambitions Mayhew wants to track down the shit-eating Klingon captain who led the armada which killed his family and took him prisoner in order to deliver extrajudicial justice achieve peace in our time.
Hobbies & Interests Mayhew is an aficionado for antique weaponry, both projectile and melee, and has a modest collection of model tanks from 20th century Earth.

Personal History Mayhew is a survivor. He survived the deaths of his family, his commanding officer, his comrades, and even Rura Penthe.
When another brief Klingon-Federation War broke out in 2267, Mayhew had over 40 combat missions under his belt. He was on the fast-track toward the command division until one fateful day the ship on which he served fell to a Klingon ambush. Surrounded on all sides, the USS Earhart was disabled and boarded with anyone unsuited for slavery or political imprisonment killed on sight. This included Mayhew’s wife and children who, in response to Mayhew’s insolence, were devoured by targs before his eyes.

Longing for death, Mayhew was a violent prisoner on Rura Penthe for several months. It took some time after the Treaty of Organia was signed for him to be released and returned to the Federation. Once he was home, Starfleet put him through a year of psychological rehabilitation before his career would resume.

The old Mayhew was gone, replaced by a grizzled fossil. There were no complaints against him, but his demeanor also got in the way of commendations. Mayhew's promotion boards had little reason to advance him beyond the rank and file, save only for a few acts of heroism above the line of duty that failed to outweigh his generally cavalier regard for his own safety.

In time, he was moved from Tac/Sec into Command, being given to young captains who would benefit from his experience but ultimately reserving their own final judgment in accordance with Starfleet protocols. Mayhew is unlikely to see the rank of captain for this reason and, deep down, he knows it.

Service Record 2260-2264: Starfleet Academy

2264: Assigned to USS Earheart, Security Officer (ENS)

2266: USS Earhart, Security Team Lead (LTJG)

2267: Captured and sent to Rura Penthe (POW)

2268: Returned to Federation and given rehabilitative therapy

2269: Assigned to USS Tucker, Chief Tactical Officer (LT)

2375: Assigned to Deep Space 2, Assistant Chief of Security (LCDR)

2378: Assigned to USS Lexington, Chief Tac/Sec Officer

2381: Promoted to First Officer (CMDR)

2287: Assigned to USS Amaterasu, First Officer