1) Real life is always more important than simming.

2) There are no set posting requirements. We do expect regular contributions in posts and/or tags in JPs in a timely manner.

3) Our rating is set at 16+. This applies to both on the sim website and within the Discord server. Specifics regarding the rating can be seen on the "Join" form.

4) No topic is off limits in the Discord server channels. But if a server member asks that a specific topic not be discussed at that time, or in their presence, please be courteous and respectful of their wishes.

5) We are all adults, and as such, we expect you to act like adults and treat each other like adults. If you have an issue with someone, talk to them and work it out.

6) Discord servers are purely out-of-character. Please leave your rank, and character persona, at the door and treat each other as equals. This goes for imparting OOC knowledge onto your IC characters.

7) One of our main goals when writing this story together is believability and plausibility. Whatever you do in-character needs to be believable and possible. If you are questioning if something is plausible, chances are it isn't. But always feel free to ask if you'd like a second opinion.

8) Communication is key. We understand real life happens, all that we ask is that you communicate with us so that we are aware of what is going on and can plan accordingly.

9) Your character's rank is absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of life. Please remember that your rank is not based on your merit as a writer. Ranks are given and maintained strictly as it fits the in-game story and the needs of the sim.

10) NPC's and players characters are the property of the writers who created them. If you wish to use someone else's NPC or character in a post, you will need to ask them for permission.

11) As a hosted sim of SimCentral all players must join their discord and accept their rules. Please do so here: