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Kahless Guide Me

Posted on Sat Apr 27th, 2024 @ 8:53am by Captain Velasaria Azumé & Ler'at

531 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Mission 1: A Million Miles Away
Location: IKS Vortaq

While the Amaterasu hung in space, drifting along the border, the large wound in her hull spewing plasma fire... Captain Ler'at of the Klingon Defense Force sat and watched. Leaning forward in his chair, fingers poised under his chin, pointed toward one another as he thought, one could have mistaken the man for a statue rather than a Klingon Naval Captain. He hadn't expect a Federation Starship in this area of space, nor had he expected an old war minefield to still be active, or that this state of the art vessel would actually hit one. Now he had a choice to make, did he help them, or attack them? His orders weren't not to start a war, General Chang had been very specific in his wording. honor is paramount, but victory is the ultimate goal. Do not hesitate to engage the enemy if the situation demands it, but do so with cunning and precision.

Did the situation demand he attack? Did he have enough of an upper hand to take on this massive Starfleet Vessel? Ler'at had fought in many wars, many battles, several against the Federation in the last thirty years. It had been a long time since he felt he'd met his match in a Starfleet vessel, not since the first time he'd come up against the Constitution class in the 50s. He could try and take the ship, it would be a grand prize, a boon to his Career, his Family and to the Empire. But what if he couldn't, or if more Starfleet showed up? While the General was very clear about avoid full scale war with the Federation.

"The Federation are weak..." He heard one of his Officers say as they too watched the ship drift through space, inching ever closer to the border. "They have no honor, they..."

"No." Ler'at said as he rose from the Captain's chair, the massive Klingon towering over the weapons console as he turned. The deep red lighting of the bridge giving him an ominous air. "The Federation is neither weak, nor honorless. Our adversary is cunning, powerful, technologically inspired, they outclass our ships in many ways."

"Captain, how can you say these things..." The Weapons officer looked astonished, affronted even that such words were being spoken on the bridge.

Ler'at could only shake his head, the arrogance of youth and inexperience. One day, this young man would learn, learn not to underestimate his adversaries.

"Even a ghISnar has teeth young one. Back them into a corner and they will turn and attack, they will use your over confidence against you. Never forget that we have been at war with the Federation for longer than you've been alive, and they still exist."

With that he turned, once more resuming his seat and observing the ship. What was their next move? Could he out fiht them, out pace them? Or would he have to out think them? This ship was like no other, and today was not the day to attack and unknown enemy without knowing more. He would know more, Ler'at promised himself that, he would learn of this ship, his adversary and he would defeat them.


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